Mom vs Mouse

I was watching a little TV the other night. My college-age daughter came up from the basement and said, “I have something to tell you. There’s a mouse in the washing machine.”

That is not all that surprising. We do have mice now and then. We use a humane trap (through trial and error, we have concluded that peanut butter and cheese get them in there real quick) and then release them in the woods to live out their tiny little existence. They are cute little buggers. They’re just hungry mouse on clothesand looking for food. How much could they possibly eat? Sometimes they stand in the pantry on a shelf at our eye level and stare us down. More often, they run away when they hear us.

So, my daughter needed to do her laundry and the little mouse was preventing that. How did she discover the mouse? She had just started to put her clothes into the washer when she noticed her clothes were moving. That is not supposed to happen. Then the little mouse showed itself.

What to do??? Well, my daughter was on her way out the door to visit a friend and said she would do her laundry over there. I thought that was weird. Since she had no solutions, she “phoned a friend” (ha ha) who doesn’t mind handling critters of all types. That friend did not pick up. Sadly.

I was still sitting there in front of the TV running through all the possible solutions. My main concern was not to touch the mouse. I mean, what if it has rabies??? I fully realize that the possibility of it having rabies is very small, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Let’s see, painful shots or possible death. No. Just no. So my first solution of trapping it in a pillowcase or towel was deemed (by me) to be way too risky. I kept wondering, how do I keep a distance from the little thing?mouse in washer

Then, eureka! I got a small cardboard box, about an eight-inch cube. I cut an opening and fed a very long piece of duct tape (yes, it can fix everything, you will need it in the complete societal breakdown and subsequent apocalypse, go get some) through the opening. I now had a mouse container hanging 18 inches below my hand and arm. But, I must make the box of death (okay, more of a prison, wait, make that a holding cell in the county jail) enticing and irresistible. I smeared some (can you guess???) PEANUT BUTTER deep in that box. My trap was set. And I wouldn’t be in any danger of touching the mouse.

The next step involved three of us (everyone in the house at the time, this is a big event!) peering into the washer and taking pictures (we have to post on social media, of course) of the mouse peeking out of her clothes, just the eyes, so cute. And more pictures of the mouse running around in the washer. Oh, wait. It must be frightened now because it is peeing and pooping all over the place. Not good.

I lowered the trap into the washer, thinking that the peanut butter would work its magic and the mouse would be drawn like a magnet immediately into the little mouse-size room. No, that didn’t happen. It began to run, startling all of us, one daughter almost dropped her phone into the washer (I thought she DID), and we all shrieked uncontrollably with laughter. Then we got serious. We had to find something to corral the minuscule beast. The part-cattle-dog that we have was not going to work. She would have just killed it anyway. (She did that once, and we were all sad.) So, a nearby broom was turned upside down to make a scary stick that the mouse would run away from, finding sanctuary in the cardboard box, along with a yummy meal.

We needed a clean field in which to work. No clothes to serve as a temporary hideout. So, I used the broomstick to lift out the underwear and sports bra. My daughter didn’t want to touch them so she flung them away toward my face. Accidentally. I think. Now with nothing in the washer except the trap and the mouse, we were ready to do battle with mouse trap viewthe beastie. At this point, the stars aligned and the mouse did, indeed, run INTO the box. But I wasn’t absolutely sure. So I carefully lifted up the box, peered inside from a safe distance, and then began shouting about my success. The daughters were no longer by my side at this point. Maybe they thought, Mom’s got this. Nah. They just didn’t want to touch the mouse or have it somehow leap onto them.

I carried the box, dangling from the long duct tape (go get some), very gingerly, in the hopes that mousie would stay in it until we reached our destination a reasonable twelve feet away. I couldn’t carry it all the way outside and away from our house in that open-air trap. The mouse might have decided to crawl out of the box, scale the tape, and then munch on my arm. I lowered the box to the floor, jiggled it to make it no longer a safe haven, and then watched the mouse, free once more, run away.

Problem. Solved.

Epilogue: My daughter immediately started her laundry, right on top of the mouse pee and poop. I told her that I agreed it was a fine idea, since all the sweat and dirt she gets into her clothes is much worse. Then off to her friend’s house, with a good story to tell.

“Mom, what if there’s a mouse in the dryer?”

Click for a very short video of our experience.

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How I lost my home after the 2012 election

I am fortunate to live in a truly lovely neighborhood. It is unique, especially when compared to today’s “planned” neighborhoods. It has woods with walking paths, parks, a swimming lake, summer camp, parades, and special events found nowhere else. I thought it was a great place to raise kids. Although three of my children were already born when we moved here, *this* is the hometown they will always remember.

I’ve made it no secret that I thought the re-election of Obama would cause immense damage to our country, to our freedom, to our Constitutional system. And I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the VAST majority of my neighbors feel quite the opposite. They supported Obama both in 2008 AND 2012. I know this by our precinct results, by the signs in their yards, the bumper stickers on their cars.

And… by an email listserve that allows anyone in town to send an email that everyone else in town can read.

I was disappointed after the 2012 election. I know it seemed like a huge electoral college win for Obama, but just 500,000 votes in four key states (Ohio, Virginia, Florida, & Colorado) would have turned it the other way. That’s less than a half a percent of those who came out to vote.

Romney seemed to me to be a moderate, somewhat big-government Republican. He was not exactly my cup of tea, if you know what I’m saying. But, I came to like him more and more as a person, after I stopped believing the constant crap being spewed about him by the media. I STRONGLY supported him as the MUCH better option of the two. So, imagine how I felt in the days after the election when I read these little gems on our town listserve (no names are revealed).

Poster 1, entitled Breaking Silence, November 8, 2012 (excerpts): “…sigh of relief heard around town at 11:15 pm election night was short lived…Karl Rove blasted his own calling card: Fox News!…he was incensed that Fox News called Ohio for Obama!!!…  the wind blowing from those well fleeced high rolling Republicans began almost immediately… sour grapes I’m sure…Karl Rove’s group spent $100 million: O elected; Donald Trump spent $10 million then tweeted this: his comb-over is still a comb-over; those brothers with a name that rhymes with coke spent another $20 million: O elected… the whining from the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh started as soon as they were on air… P.S. Good sports shake hands and say: good game!!!”

And gracious winners don’t GLOAT.

Also, I can’t stand Karl Rove.

Poster 1, entitled Sour Grapes, November 9, 2012 (excerpts): “… Hopefully too, angry old white men and their wives will have realized that there prejudices weren’t passed on to their siblings… Once realizing that, their disguising hatred will have subsided too…”

I think he meant to say children instead of siblings and disgusting instead of disguising. But, wow. I don’t know where to start. He reduced the entire election and difference between the parties to this:

1. White people who are angry and old don’t like Obama.

2. People who didn’t vote for Obama are haters.

I used to think this man was a nice and intelligent person. I USED TO THINK OF HIM AS A FRIEND. But to call people like me (and my FAMILY) angry, white, racist bigots??? And to imply that there are NO VALID REASONS to vote another way?

When you call someone a racist, people believe you. When you try to say you’re not a racist? Well… there’s really no defense that ever works. It’s just about the worst accusation you can make.

Poster 1, Sour Grapes II, November 13, 2012: “It’s been almost a week now since Obama soundly thumped Romney and the conspirators on Fox still continue with their ridiculous conspiracy theories… The American public just isn’t engaged in these stories… with this exception, has anyone seen or heard from Romney or his RNC chairman??? … now there’s a story folks!!!”

Hmmmm. Perhaps they were still licking their wounds. Like I explained above, the win wasn’t quite as decisive as the Democrat pundits wanted to make it out to be. It hurts to lose. It hurts to lose so publicly. And people do need time to feel better after something bad happens to them.

Interesting that this poster thinks he can speak for ALL the American public. NOT FOR ME YOU DON’T.

One thing that struck me immediately (like a sucker punch) about this email conversation was the COMPLETE lack of outrage that a group of people from ONE race had been maligned. From what I’ve observed in my neighborhood, I feel certain that had this poster said something disparaging about blacks, Asians, or Hispanics, there would have been MANY indignant and public complaints. But insult white people? No biggie. That’s cool.

He stereotyped old white men (the ones who didn’t vote for his idol, Obama). Who cares about them anyway? Who, indeed. My dad is one of the KINDEST and MOST HONEST people I’ve ever known. He’s old and he’s white. You throw a blanket insult on him like that? Call HIM hateful as you reveal your own shallowness and callous indifference??? And you wonder why I don’t want to chat in the grocery store.

And, seriously, Sour Grapes? Rather difficult not to notice that the poster’s tone is haughty, dismissive, and arrogant. Sure, that will help us all to get along. Along the lines of, “I’m a Democrat and I’m always right, and I ccaaaarrreeee about people and you don’t. I’m loving and you’re hateful. So just shut up and enjoy the wonderfulness that is Obama and the Democrat ideology.” In fact, the two parties, as portrayed by media, pop culture, political leaders, and government schools, can be summed up like this:

Democrats are nice and Republicans are mean.

Got it? That’s really all anyone ever needs to know.

Poster 2, response to Breaking Silence, November 9, 2012 (excerpts): “the suggestion that the US is (or is becoming) a socialist country is completely laughable... The current Republican party scares me. Some of the candidates they fielded scare me. I know not all Republicans are the same but you’re going to be tarred with the same brush if you tolerate or support the crazies in your party. The Romney/Ryan ticket was a joke. Romney shifted his position on many issues to get the nomination and then shifted back again in order to get elected… If Ryan is the nominee next time, the Republicans will lose again. How any woman with any sense of self worth could vote for the Republicans is simply beyond me. Their stance on the rights of women (e.g. equality of pay, the right to choose, planned parenthood, comments about rape and incest, etc) was simply shocking to me. I can only think the women who voted for the Republicans did so because their husbands told them to! … My hope now is that moderate, reasonable politicians on both sides can come together to get things done on behalf of the people who elected them. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?”

Poster 2 reduced me to this:

1. I have no sense of self-worth.

2. I am so cowed by my husband that I vote the way he tells me to.

Poster 2 received high marks from those who chose to reply.

“WELL STATED (Name of Poster 2)!!!”

“Well said (Name of Poster 2)!”

“Second that! thank you (Name of Poster 2).”

“I wish you would run for office (Name of Poster 2)!”

Poster 1 did receive a little pushback from neighbors who chose to reply. Perhaps that is because his posts were more passionate and more numerous. One woman, an obvious Republican voter, took great issue with his statements. Another, not a Republican voter, did opine that all the people in either party cannot really be fairly painted with so broad a brush. Another person suggested that some humility might be in order. I didn’t see even ONE reply to Poster 2 questioning ANY of his assertions. Of course, Poster 2 sounds so REASONABLE and SENSIBLE. How could anyone disagree?!

Okay, let’s see. Socialism. It will not shout its name from the rooftops. It will creep in on little cat feet. The mayor of the largest city in America is a self-avowed Socialist. The Congressional Progressive Caucus boasts approximately 70 members. According to Western Journalism, “there is a clear tie between the Democratic Party’s Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), Communist Party USA (CPUSA), and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).” Of course, they don’t want to be called Communists! Remember — little cat feet. And now we have Bernie Sanders, running proudly as a Socialist as he racks up promise after promise that we can’t pay for.

News flash. Women make less money ON AVERAGE because of their own choices. And they hardly ever die on the job. Not true for men. For women, the “right to choose” means the right to choose to kill one’s own offspring. Funny how the Left never remembers THAT part of it. And, as everyone knows, killing pre-born babies by ripping them to pieces is COMPASSIONATE and LOVING. Even as they thrash about, trying in vain to avoid the abortionists’ tools. But, hey, *I’M* the stupid, intolerant one who hates WOMEN. And, do Republicans ever make dumb statements? Yes, they do, and they play on a loop on every news outlet. When Democrats make dumb statements, the media jumps in to explain what they REALLY meant, and paints them with pretty colors.

Reviewing these posts a couple years later makes me surprised there is so much of it I didn’t remember. Perhaps I blocked it out because it was just too painful. But I was determined to dig in and give voice to my feelings. I wrote this to express my disbelief and dismay at what passes for civil discourse in my neighborhood. As long as you’re on board with the only acceptable ideology, you’ll be applauded and defended for whatever you say, or in extreme cases, gently and politely chided.

“How can she still care about this?”

It was a gut punch like I’ve never felt before. Not merely what the original posters said, but the responses of agreement and praise. This was a public attack on me and my family and everything we hold dear.


I looked around and thought, “What IS this place? Who ARE these people?” I lost my sense of home. This is no longer my home.



Dan Bongino:

So I read this piece by Dr. Tim Daughtry entitled “Calling for a true Conservative strategy” from Feb 4. 2013 today, and thought, “What would our country look like if we simply capitulated to the far-left and let them win?”

Daughtry has a line in the piece which is tragically accurate:

“The strategy (of the far-left) was one of immersion more than conversion. It was not necessary to convert students or consumers of news to leftist thinking; it was only necessary to surround them with liberalism as if there were no other respectable way of thinking.

Back to me now:

So, it’s people all around you — your neighbors, friends, colleagues, people on TV, in the movies, on the news, in Washington — who are doing this. Surrounding you with liberalism as if there is no other respectable way of thinking, and YOU’RE on the wrong side.

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Tari’s Take on Dr. Ben Carson

*** UPDATE ***
Dr. Carson, you are a good and decent man, exceedingly so. You gave it the old college try. It is now time to drop out. Thank you for putting yourself out there. And for enduring all the slings and arrows that go along with running for president.

ben_carsonDr. Ben Carson is a soft spoken gentle-man (of steel) who also happens to be world-class pediatric neurosurgeon and a pioneer in the separation surgery of conjoined twins. He credits much of his success to the love and lessons of his mother, who had 23 siblings, grew up in foster homes, married at thirteen, was illiterate, and had to work two and three jobs to make ends meet.

“Ben’s mother repeatedly told her sons that they could do anything anybody else could do, and do it better, if they would only work hard at it. She always had faith in them, and she never accepted excuses. She made none for herself, and would accept none from them–for their own good.” ~Natural Health Strategies blog

I first heard of Dr. Ben Carson when one of my children excitedly recommended a movie that had been shown at school. It was Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. Soon after that, we all watched it together at home. It’s a feel good story for certain. We learned the rags-to-riches, poverty-to-pinnacle story of Dr. Ben Carson, youngest major division director in the history of Johns Hopkins Hospital. And from all indications, a truly good and humble man. At the time, he was widely respected as one of the Ben Carson Surgeonbest pediatric neurosurgeons in world. He has since retired “on top of his game,” in his own words.

Dr. Ben Carson is a devout Christian. He has made prayer a habit in his life. There is a scene in the film in which young Ben gets angry with a friend and tries to stab him. The blade broke on the other boy’s belt buckle. This saved Ben’s life, in every way. He could have killed his friend. He would have served time in prison. He prayed to rid himself of the quick and volatile anger that had been living in his heart. He turned himself around, with the help of God, so thoroughly that he now says, “I can tolerate amazing amounts of stress and ridicule. By God’s grace, it still doesn’t require any effort to shake off unpleasant, irritating things. God has helped me to conquer my terrible temper, once and forever.”

Dr. Carson burst onto the political scene in February of 2013 when he delivered the keynote speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Did he ever deliver! With President Obama sitting mere feet away, “Carson attacked political correctness as a ‘dangerous’ threat to free speech and encouraged Americans to boldly share their views” and “also provided his theories about the national debt, deficits, taxation and health care, taking stances that were opposed to the president’s.” reports Billy Hallowell, The Blaze.

Dr. Carson must be doing well in his campaigning, else why would the mainstream media be featuring him every day, highlighting some verbal gaffe or sincere statement proving him to be an obsolete, out-of-touch, racist(?), pollyanna-ish, starstruck believer in the now-defunct American dream.

ben_carsonHe said he could not support (nothing to do with Article VI here, folks, so shut up about that) a Sharia-law-adherent Muslim for the presidency of the United States. Nothing to do with a person like that being LEGALLY allowed to run for president. Dr. Carson was saying that he would not VOTE for a person who wanted to replace our Constitutional system with Sharia. News flash: I wouldn’t vote for that person either. Go find out what Sharia law really is. While you’re at it, learn about taqiyya and kitman. This is not about being a hater, no matter how much the Leftist media tries to spin it like that.

At a recent campaign appearance, Dr. Carson talked about the wonderfulness of America, “We should be proud of who we are. And there’s no way we should be giving away all of our values and principles to try to be politically correct. And to be like somebody else. It is true that we are not a theocracy, and I don’t want us to be a theocracy, but it is also true that our Constitution and our country’s traditions have a Judeo-Christian base. It’s throughout our fabric. And there’s no way we should be ashamed of it.” He is thankfully not a member of the currently stylish Blame-America-First crowd.

He understands our fiscal woes and has begun to roll out detailed plans on how to fix them. At CPAC 2013, he said, “We’re not planning for the future. If we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion, we are going to destroy this nation.” He proposes changing personal income tax structure (what is more FAIR than a flat rate, similar to tithing?) and corporate tax structure to ENCOURAGE companies to stay in America, come back to America, and hire Americans.

Ben_Carson_MDI have changed my mind about Dr. Carson. At first, I enjoyed listening to him speak. I thought he had some good ideas, and I was fascinated by his quiet and calm demeanor. I wondered to myself, doesn’t he ever get ruffled? I saw him as a leader. I would welcome him as a Cabinet member, but president? C’mon. He’s a brainy neurosurgeon. (Ha ha ha.) Then I heard in recent months about his his shaky support of the Second Amendment and his too-strong support of amnesty for illegals.

He’s been badly misquoted by the media, to great effect, time and again. Of course, WHEN will I ever learn??? He’s running as a Republican, so the job of the mainstream media is to destroy him, all in the name of “journalism,” “fact-finding,” and “objective reporting.”

Dr. Carson was able to put some doubts to rest in the second GOP debate, when he explained what he ACTUALLY said. (from the transcript)

TAPPER: Dr. Carson proposed giving these undocumented immigrants a six- month grace period to pay back taxes then to let them become guest workers and only to deport people who failed to do that.

CARSON: Not exactly what I said.

TAPPER: Well, how would you say it, sir? I was just reading the Wall Street Journal quote, but please tell us. (Author’s note to Tapper: Just because it’s in WSJ doesn’t make it true.)

CARSON: Well, what I said, after we seal the borders, after we turn off the spigot that dispenses all the goodies so we don’t have people coming in here, including employment, that people who had a pristine record, we should consider allowing them to become guest workers, primarily in the agricultural sphere, because that’s the place where Americans don’t seem to want to work.

That’s what I said. And they have a six-month period to do that. If they don’t do it within that time period, then they become illegal, and as illegals, they will be treated as such.

and later…

CARSON: My plan is not amnesty for a number of reasons.

Number one, you know, I’ve talked to farmers, and they said they cannot hire Americans to do the kind of job that I’m talking about.

And the second reason is because the individuals who register as guest workers, they don’t get to vote, they are not American citizens, and they don’t get the rights and privileges of American citizens. So that’s key.

But the other thing that I want to bring up is, I mentioned something earlier. I think it was just sort of glossed over.

I talked about the success in Yuma County, I mean, incredible success, and the Department of Justice said, “No, we don’t want to do that. That’s too successful.”

We don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. All we have to do is look at things that work. All we have to do is use a little common sense.

Dr. Carson has also come around on the Second Amendment, as many of his supporters have impressed upon him the full weight of “shall not be infringed.” He recently admonished, “What I worry about is when we get to the point where we say we need to have every gun registered, we have to know where the people are and where their guns are. That’s very dangerous. And that I wouldn’t agree with at all.” Because Dr. Carson is not a fan of tyrannical dictatorship. An armed populace is a free populace.

I say to the flotilla of GOP candidate destroyers, captained by Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper: I hope it DOES keep you up at night, racking your brains trying to figure out why we don’t listen to you anymore.

My position on Dr. Ben Carson: trustworthy, straightforward, honest, true Conservative, a Constitutionalist, a good man in every sense, someone I’d be happy to have as a neighbor or colleague or leader of my country.


That would be refreshing like a tall glass of water on a hot summer day.


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Tari’s Take on Chris Christie

Chris Christie has been serving as the Republican governor of New Jersey since January 2010. He’s married to his college sweetheart. They have four children and Christie is unabashedly pro-life. What’s not to like?


I’m looking for a Constitutional Conservative. Someone who still believes in Rule of Law, Separation of Powers, and Checks and Balances. Someone who believes in the Tea Party values (Yes, she went THERE!) as stated by the Tea Party Patriots:

Tea Party Patriots Core Values:

  • Fiscal Responsibility – protecting your money
  • Constitutionally Limited Government – defending your freedom and your rights
  • Free Markets – providing the best opportunity for you and your family to succeed

So, this is not what Chris Christie stands for. All Republicans these days like to throw around the word “Conservative,” but darn few live it. Darn few put it INTO PRACTICE.

Chris Christie is a bulldog. He is fun to listen to, sometimes. He’s bombastic and he stands up for himself and the people of New Jersey. He spoke well at the CNN debate, delivering this zinger among others, “While I’m as entertained as anyone by this personal back and forth about the history of Donald and Carly’s career, for the 55-year-old construction worker who doesn’t have a job, who doesn’t have money to fund his child’s education, I gotta tell you the truth. They could care less about your careers. They care about theirs,”

HOWEVER, he has a terrible rating at Conservative Review, the conservative watchdog site whose chief political consultant is Deneen Borelli. So, my thinking side (yes, we Conservatives think AND feel, contrary to popular belief that we are logic-minded automatons, incapable of compassion or empathy) examines this analysis of Christie and comes up with not much to like. The one bright spot is he has finally seen the light on a pet issue of mine. Christie received his sole Good rating from Conservative Review in Education.

The governor, speaking at Burlington County College in Pemberton, declared Common Core is “simply not working.” Christie wants to assemble a team to develop a state-based group to develop “new standards right here in New Jersey, not 200 miles away on the banks of the Potomac River.” ~Matt Arco,

But, even *I* know, once all the Pearson materials have been purchased, does it really matter if a school system says it is “not following” Common Core? As Bill Gates said in a 2009 speech to the National Council of State Legislatures, “When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well—and that will unleash powerful market forces… For the first time, there will be a large base of customers eager to BUY PRODUCTS (emphasis mine).” So, yeh, it ALWAYS was about curriculum, and finally Christie is taking a stand against it. Probably too little, too late.

And… my feeling side will not forgive the revolting “bromance” between Christie and Obama mere days before the election. “I cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and the people of our state.” With each passing day, more people were waking up to the hypocrisy and failed promises of Obama’s “Hope and Change.” Inch by inch, Romney was gaining ground in a very tight race. (Yes, I said tight. Romney lost by 1/2 percent, distributed among four key states.) Here comes loud, proud Christie, pandering to great effect to make sure HIS state got every Federal dollar possible to help with recovery from natural disaster Hurricane Sandy. There he was hugging, kissing, and bragging on Obama. It was classic Bromeo & Juliet. Rough city kid with Joisey accent (Republican Christie) paired with elegant, dashing, and oh-so-deeply-caring intellectual giant (Democrat Obama). White and Black. Big and little. Opposites attract. A match made in Leftist political heaven. The mainstream media ate it up and made sure we saw it over and over.
Look how well Obama “bridges” (pun, of course, intended) the gap between Left and Right, between Liberal and “Conservative,” between Republican and Democrat.  Don’t think for a minute that Independent voters didn’t see this and weren’t filled with all kinds of rose-petal and unicorny, fluffy-cloud good thoughts about Obama “the Great Uniter.” And, thusly, pulled the lever on election day for Obama.

Should Christie have known better? Should he have considered the optics? Yes, he’s an adult and by all indicators, an intelligent person. I know he wanted to do right by New Jersey. He seems to really love the place. But, a waning tide lowers ALL boats and he should have thought about the country AS A WHOLE.

My position on candidate Chris Christie: a Conservative pretender who at the very least cost us votes when we sorely needed them.



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Profiles in Modern Courage

Read about two amazing Americans, one a fearless artist (especially not afraid to OFFEND) and one the most severely injured Airman to survive any war (and QUITE outspoken about the state of our country).

This is some of my work posted at Red Nation Rising.

SABO & Cruz: Brothers in Badassery
a profile of the artist SABO who created a controversial portrayal of Senator Ted Cruz

Love and Freedom on the One Hand
a profile of Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, who lost three limbs in Iraq to a rocket blast

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